Finding Jesus Update

I did find Jesus today.

First of all, I found my actor to portray Jesus (and a robe for him to wear).

And I went to a slew of meetings, including two back-to-back at the church (worship and Staff-Parish), and ended up feeling really great about the vision and progress and excitement of the members of those teams, working toward a stronger and more vibrant church.

I told them that I found my Jesus. But they may have assumed I meant the one for the skit and not the one who was present at the meetings.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Becca, keep up the good work and keep those sermons coming. I am unchurched at the moment because of my long leave of absents from my Christian faith, so your weekly podcasts get me by. Unfortunately, after a couple of years observing Judaism, Jesus seems pretty fuzzy to me right now. I am hoping to find him in the future.

    You have been an inspiration to me, thanks Becca.

    • Hello James,

      Thanks for reading, listening, and commenting! I’m glad that my blog gives you one place to explore who Jesus is for you as a part of your wider spiritual journey.


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