Becca’s Bible Guide – Reading the Bible

So you've selected a Bible that is right for you (that's a different post), and you're ready to start reading! But where to even begin? When I first read the Bible, I started with chapter one of Genesis and read through. This took me a little under a year and I learned a lot, but… Continue reading Becca’s Bible Guide – Reading the Bible

Three things I hold

I am a member of both my Annual Conference's Delegation to General Conference 2020, and of our Conference Task Force exploring whether and how Methodists in New England might become a new and inclusive Methodist movement. Between juggling these roles and my own passion for the future of ministry in my local Methodist church and… Continue reading Three things I hold

Broken Circles, Shattered Hope

Every time someone sidesteps or over-steps the marginalized, every time someone stifles holy conversation or the ministry of lay persons, every time someone uses the order given us not to guide and protect but to circumvent and then consolidate power and privilege, every time someone allows prayer or a call to follow Jesus to be hurtful rather than to build up the body, I will be there-- objecting, amending, opining, and advocating. Every. Time.

Reflecting on the Social Principles Consultation

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to the offices of the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church. There I participated in a Consultation on the Social Principles, one of eight planned meetings "to¬†consider a process about how to make the United Methodist Social Principles more succinct,… Continue reading Reflecting on the Social Principles Consultation

After Borg: How one lecture gave me atonement to believe in

There are many voices lifted up this week in thanksgiving for the life and evangelism of scholar Marcus Borg. Perhaps all the stories that need telling have been told. But this one is mine. The whole long post is now six and a half years old, and is worth the fun reading if you want… Continue reading After Borg: How one lecture gave me atonement to believe in

Why I Blog

All the world is my parish.¬† That's what Methodism's founder, John Wesley, said. Ironically, I think he said it to clarify his commitment to itinerant ministry, to his particular sort of traveling, voyaging, never-rooted-for-too-long preaching of salvation in every place he could reach. I might be tempted to say I blog for that reason-- to… Continue reading Why I Blog

RMN Convocation- What I Loved

Earlier this month, I attended Reconciling Ministries Network's biennial Convocation. This year's event, Churchquake!, was held over Labor Day Weekend (hey, I'm trying to fit my thoughts in within the statute of limitations window!) in Chevy Chase, MD, and despite my long love affair with RMN, this was my first time attending Convo. I loved… Continue reading RMN Convocation- What I Loved

A New Venture

I've started a new blog project with a partner in crime (and what we hope may become a team of contributors and discussion partners). "InterRelations" ( Seeks to break open conversation about gender, sexuality, relationships, and families in all configurations. From our introductory blog post: There is a conversation missing in The United Methodist Church,… Continue reading A New Venture