RMN Convocation- What I Loved

Earlier this month, I attended Reconciling Ministries Network's biennial Convocation. This year's event, Churchquake!, was held over Labor Day Weekend (hey, I'm trying to fit my thoughts in within the statute of limitations window!) in Chevy Chase, MD, and despite my long love affair with RMN, this was my first time attending Convo. I loved… Continue reading RMN Convocation- What I Loved

Resetting an Open Holiday Table

as posted on the Reconciling Ministries Network blog Family legend tells that the year after my parents separated, my mom faced the prospect of her first Thanksgiving alone. She accepted an invitation to the home of a friend, and my family and I have been spending alternating Thanksgiving holidays with them ever since, adding spouses… Continue reading Resetting an Open Holiday Table

Reflections on “Pastor’s 24”

Yesterday I joined 71 other pastors in a twitter project called Pastor's 24. It was a project suggested by my friend, colleague in ministry, and cohort in online Methodist geekdom (as of this writing, we are both featured in the blog section at umc.org, as we attempt to subvert the church with our newfangled communication… Continue reading Reflections on “Pastor’s 24”

It does feel different.

I feel like I missed a lot of Conference. Or maybe it's just that it's blurry and I only remember the big things. I preached Wednesday night for the opening memorial service, a tremendous honor that had me sweating glowing like crazy and more nervous than I remember being. Of course the actual sermon was… Continue reading It does feel different.

A Corny Post (Giving Thanks)

At the family/friend gathering where I often celebrate Thanksgiving, we have a tradition at the beginning of the meal. Each person sits down to a plate with three popcorn kernels on it (I've realized recently that, as microwave popcorn is the only kind I know how to make, this is tough to replicate at my… Continue reading A Corny Post (Giving Thanks)

Living Tomorrow Today

(An Extraordinary Ordination, from Church Within a Church) There are times when you fight for all you're worth to make change happen. There are times when you bang your head against the wall until it hurts. There are times when you nurse your wounds and pray for strength to pick up the struggle another day.… Continue reading Living Tomorrow Today