Sermon- Standing on the Promise: a Clean Slate

chalkboard-eraser“Standing on the Promise: a Clean Slate”

(March 29, 2009) God’s new covenant in Christ gives us all a fresh start, a clean slate. While nothing can totally take away consequences or pain, we do not have to carry the burdens of our past failings, sins, and griefs through our whole lives (let alone into the next). We can offer them up to God, and begin to know the peace of letting go of pain. (Jeremiah 31:31-37 and Psalm 51:1-12)


2 Responses

  1. Rev. Clark,

    This was a wonderful sermon.

    Undoubtely, computer IT professionals, system analysts and computerphiles may be distressed at your theologic pronouncement that “God is not a computer.” Oh well, sometimes the truth is uncomfortable – perhaps its one of the few downsides to being clergy.

    Your message about God’s forgiveness was special. As a church (UMC – others) we emphasize this message but perhaps we don’t follow up our message as well as we might. As you allude to, accepting God’s radical forgiveness can be difficult. How does one accept this forgiveness? Some, from personal experience, do this well. Others have a hard time letting go. (I’m somewhere in between). Perhaps the church should offer some type of program iniative addressing forgivness that would allow people to work on how to forgive one’s self that might last more than for an hour. Then again, maybe folks work on those issues by individual pastorial counselling. Further, based on the response to my church’s Steven Ministry program not many people are sufficiently troubled to seek help. (You know how tough us guys can be!).

    Anyway, thanks for posting your sermon.


    • Hello Richard,

      Thanks for listening to my sermon. I’m glad it gave you so much food for thought! Blessings on your faith journey and the tension of humbly realizing our need for God and fully receiving forgiveness.

      And I suppose, for you, God *could* be like a computer if that’s what speaks to you of the presence of God… 🙂 Hey, who am I to limit where God might be revealed?


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