Series: Angels Among Us

Advent Series: Angels Among Us  “Do not be afraid…” - pretty much every Angel in the Bible Some messages are complex and nuanced, but these days, the messages that travel fastest and “go viral” are concise ideas in social media, often with their topic-labels known as hashtags (words preceded by #). The angels that appear… Continue reading Series: Angels Among Us

Series: Challenging Texts and Topics

Challenging Texts & Topics For this summer, members of the congregation were invited to submit their questions and challenges. Is there a story in the Bible or a saying of Jesus that confuses or unsettles you? Something you don't like , don't understand, or wish you could hear explored in a message? Sermons in this… Continue reading Series: Challenging Texts and Topics

Series: Bread, Bath, & Beyond

Bread, Bath, & Beyond “If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation…”  - 1 Corinthians 5:17 The new year always brings opportunity to move beyond our limitations, to find new beginnings, and be better than we were before. This season, we recall that the most transforming experiences of our faith— communion and baptism—… Continue reading Series: Bread, Bath, & Beyond

Series: A Place at the Table

Lebanon UMC: creating a place at the table* for everyone * tables of food, conversation, decision-making, and communion Together at Lebanon United Methodist Church, we are creating a place at the table for everyone. We believe this is God’s calling and vision for us, drawing on our gifts of hospitality and inclusion, and meeting the longing we see… Continue reading Series: A Place at the Table

Series: Imagine the People of God

Fall Worship Series - Imagine the People of God “Believing, receiving, becoming God’s love, imagine the people of God.”  – Mark Miller What does it look like to live as a community of “the people of God”? How are our lives transformed when we believe, receive, care, share, seek, and dream as God’s children? This… Continue reading Series: Imagine the People of God