What I’d have said

I was invited to speak at the dinner tonight at my church for the Central Vermont Community Land Trust. Unfortunately, I have had a minor medical problem (some follow-up stuff from my miscarriage that necessitated a trip to the hospital, but I'm out and home and fine now) and have been confined to my house… Continue reading What I’d have said

Sermon- Standing on the Promise: Salvation

"Standing on the Promise: Salvation" (March 22, 2009) We have curiously taken a symbol of death and oppression and hopelessness and turned it into a symbol of healing and hope and life. This is the ultimate promise of God: healing both in terms of illness and alienation, and restoration through grace. (Numbers 21:4-9 and John… Continue reading Sermon- Standing on the Promise: Salvation

Mourning Miscarriage, or not

"Me too." After I'm sorry, those are the two most prevalent words I've heard the past few days. The number of women and their partners who have experienced miscarriage is staggering, although it shouldn't be surprising from the statistics. An estimated one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage (although many are within the first month,… Continue reading Mourning Miscarriage, or not