We All Have a Dream…

The DreamUMC conversation is more than two months old, and growing in some exciting ways. We are putting words and ideas to action, and finding new partners across denominational lines. Background Coming out of the 2012 General Conference, many delegates, volunteers, and folks who had followed the proceedings from afar looked for a way to… Continue reading We All Have a Dream…

Seeking Easter Inspiration

Here is my deep confession: It is hard for me to get inspired to lead worship on Easter. I face this every year. In part, I think the expectations I place on myself are too high-- I want to do something "cool" or "relevant" to get the attention of the visitors; I want to lift… Continue reading Seeking Easter Inspiration

Vital Signs – an alternative report

As I wrote yesterday, I really struggled with trying to input goals for my congregation in the Vital Congregations website. Part of my struggle arises because I do not think that this tool measures the right things and for the right reasons, but the biggest challenge arises because our tradition is one of storytelling, relationship,… Continue reading Vital Signs – an alternative report

Open Letter to Eat More Kale

I've known local "t-shirt guy" and EatMoreKale.com artist Bo Muller-Moore for a couple of years. Our daughters went to preschool together and are in the same grade (different classes) at school. Bo also volunteers as a driver for Meals on Wheels, which is a program that operates under the umbrella of the non-profit I chair,… Continue reading Open Letter to Eat More Kale

The Invention of Faith?

My husband and I recently watched the movie "The Invention of Lying," written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson (at Internet Movie Database). I'm surprised that I hadn't heard more about this film sooner; I thought it was one of the most interesting and though-provoking movies I've seen in a while. It starts… Continue reading The Invention of Faith?

Thoughts from an UMAC newbie

Some people check the water level of the proverbial pool before they jump in. But you all know that I’m not ‘some people.’ I’m a co-chair of my Annual Conference’s Communications team, and frequently contribute to our online and print media communication. This qualifies me to become, as I did this year, a member of… Continue reading Thoughts from an UMAC newbie