Sermon: Be. Loved. Beloved.

"Be. Loved. Beloved." (January 13, 2013) Each one of us is unique, marked and known in our imperfections, scuffs, and rough places. And yet we are known and loved intimately by God, claimed and called God's own. (Isaiah 43:1-7; Luke 3:15-17, 21-22) --- The exercise I use in this sermon is a simple one to… Continue reading Sermon: Be. Loved. Beloved.

Sermon: The Power of Power

"The Power of Power" (January 6, 2013) In any given injustice or imbalance, one must always trace the power dynamic. Who has power? Who is being dis-empowered? Who is afraid of losing power? Who willingly relinquishes it? Jesus' life is filled with the questions, and he calls us to think of true power very differently...… Continue reading Sermon: The Power of Power

Martial Art and Spiritual Discipline

In honor of my belt test this evening, I'm reflecting on why I enjoy my new-found sport of Taekwondo. I started over the summer because, after months of watching Arianna do it, I thought it looked like fun. I've found it's so much more than that. I took dance lessons as a child and young… Continue reading Martial Art and Spiritual Discipline