A Prayer for November 9

At our Bible Study last week, I was challenged to write a prayer for after the election. This is what I came up with. What would you pray? Prayer for November 9 Hope of every tomorrow, Healer of shattered dreams and fragmented peoples, boundless Lover of all the unknowns, the undecideds, the too-close-for-comfort and too-close-to-call,… Continue reading A Prayer for November 9

Sermon: Blessed are the Cheese-Makers?

"Blessed are the Cheese-Makers?" (February 2, 2014) When we read the list of blessings in the Gospels ("beatitudes," as they are often called), we can read them both as reminders of whom God loves, and as soothing balm for the parts of ourselves most in need of blessing. What blessings do you need to hear?… Continue reading Sermon: Blessed are the Cheese-Makers?

Every year on this date, I thank God for Kathe Darr

It was the second full day of classes in the fall 2001 semester at Boston University School of Theology. The basement lecture hall was filled with first year graduate students, cut off from the sunlight and the outside world for the duration of the 9 am church history class. These were the days before smartphones… Continue reading Every year on this date, I thank God for Kathe Darr

Diary of a Delegate: Dude, where’s my church?

Sisters and brothers, I don't even know what day it is. I think about 3 days of legislation have passed since last I posted. They weren't good days for me and the people I care about. It seems that progressives make up about 40% of the voting body on just about anything. Other people have… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Dude, where’s my church?

Diary of a Delegate: TwitterSermon

I had a very strange experience last night. I preached a sermon on Twitter. It had been a very hard day (more on that another time) and I had left the voting area (called the bar-- not a social establishment for beverage!), and sat for a time with some friends, members of the GLBTQ and… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: TwitterSermon

Diary of a Delegate: Day Three – Tears

Yes, I know. Technically, I could subtitle any day at General Conference, or anywhere else for that matter, with that word. I'm a crier. It's me. But Thursday there were more tears than usual. I'll give a shout out to Adam Hamilton, who after a lot of critique of the proposal he helped present, agreed… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Day Three – Tears

Diary of a Delegate: There’s prayer in my politics!

As part of our preparation for General and Jurisdictional Conferences, the New England group of delegates and reserve delegates have been meeting together regularly and conversing over email. I think it's impossible-- or at least I hope it is-- for a group of thirty United Methodist lay and clergy people to meet regularly and not… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: There’s prayer in my politics!