Sermon: “Not the Savior I Wanted”

palm-tree-plant-7“Not the Savior I Wanted.”

(April 5, 2009, Palm/Passion Sunday) During the announcements at the conclusion of our Palm Sunday service there was an… intruder. This man, who was not behaving as we might expect or want, prompted not so much a sermon as a one-sided argument. Doesn’t he always?

You can’t see the man stumble and fall with each insult, but I’m sure you can imagine the many ways our words and actions still inflict wounds.

[credit: this idea was inspired by the 2008 Palm Sunday service designed by The Rev. Mari Clark. Sure, we clergy steal ideas all the time (especially from family!) but we try to give credit where it’s due. In fairness, what she did this year sounded suspiciously like my Easter monologues from last year…]


3 Responses

  1. Powerful! Too bad you did not have that particular segment on video and posted online, as I am sure it would be even more powerful to view it as well.

    • thanks, Morgan! The video thing proves to be a trickier technological piece than I can manage. my hope is that it might be something the church wants to do overall in the future, and then others would be invested in making sure all the pieces are in place. Right now, we’re doing well if I can remember to switch on the recorder in my pocket, and if the mic doesn’t make my voice to warbly.


  2. you’re welcome Pastor Becca. Understood. However, since the church already has wifi, then all that really would be required is a Webcam set up to focus on the general area of the pulpit area from enough of a distance for when you move around as well as the church’s sound system hooked into it as well. In this way the church could even stream the services live via either Ustream or mogulus (which can also be archived for later viewing as well of course) or otherwise simply video record it for later upload. It is just a thought though, I understand that things are never that easy and there are also other considerations as well.

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