Lost, and Finding…

"I feel like a lost a year of my life." That's what I tell people, and it's true. Struggle and strife in my marriage, counseling and arguing, separation and paperwork, single parenting and legal questions still unresolved (and a broken ankle, too). All of these things seemed to suck away my energy and consume my… Continue reading Lost, and Finding…

Resetting an Open Holiday Table

as posted on the Reconciling Ministries Network blog Family legend tells that the year after my parents separated, my mom faced the prospect of her first Thanksgiving alone. She accepted an invitation to the home of a friend, and my family and I have been spending alternating Thanksgiving holidays with them ever since, adding spouses… Continue reading Resetting an Open Holiday Table

Diary of a Delegate: End– or Beginning– in Sight

It's my last official day of work before General Conference. The phone is ringing constantly with church work and with people calling delegates for last minute legislative pitches. It's actually kind of fun in a strange, stressful way. Here online, I want to give another thanks to UM Insight for reposting my thoughts on bullying… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: End– or Beginning– in Sight

Preparing (to go away) for General Conference

Christ is Risen! I hope Holy Week was a powerful and prayerful time for those of you who observe it. My experience, while exhausting, was rewarding and filled with Spirit. And now, with out much further ado, my countdown to the United Methodist Church's General Conference 2012 begins. We've got two week to finish getting… Continue reading Preparing (to go away) for General Conference

You’ve got to be carefully taught

The other day, my daughter asked me about Abraham Lincoln at breakfast. I explained who he was, and why he was important, which led to a conversation about slavery. I don't think she believed me when I described that people had once bought other people to do work for them. I didn't even get into… Continue reading You’ve got to be carefully taught