Let the penalty fix the “crime”

Here we go again... A month after the Board of Ordained Ministry in Pennsylvania stripped Rev. Frank Schaefer of his ordination credentials for officiating at his son's wedding and refusing to state he would follow the entirety of the Book of Discipline in the future, the United Methodist Church is back at it again. The… Continue reading Let the penalty fix the “crime”

Embodiment and Authenticity (Talking Taboo)

Over a year ago, I wrote an essay for an amazing compilation, Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith (Erin Lane & Enuma Okoro, eds), which officially launches today. I'm overjoyed to be included in this book, a huge collaborative effort, and looking at the other authors I'm humbled and a little confused… Continue reading Embodiment and Authenticity (Talking Taboo)

Diary of a Delegate: Days Four and Five- Let me be full, let me be empty

When Bishop Weaver gave his episcopal address a few days ago, he concluded by inviting us to share in the Wesleyan Covenant Prayer, which contains the phrase "let me be full; let me be empty..." The past two days have been both full and empty.You'll note that I don't distinguish between the two days or… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Days Four and Five- Let me be full, let me be empty

Love, Norms, and Heterosexual Priveledge

I don't think it's any big secret that I am an enormous fan of the Fox show "Glee." While the show contains much that is campy, cheesy, and cartooney, it also has several wonderful factors, which I early on decided were 1. Sue Sylvester (such incredibly snarky, wonderful, sarcastic writing), 2. Will Schuester (a character… Continue reading Love, Norms, and Heterosexual Priveledge