Secret Diary of a Delegate- overview

Not that there's anything really secret about it. I think I just want to pretend I'm Billie Piper. I am a clergy delegate to the 2012 United Methodist General Conference. For my non-Methodist friends (I do have a few!), this is the once-every-four-years gathering of clergy and lay members of the United Methodist Church, elected… Continue reading Secret Diary of a Delegate- overview

Sermon: No Matter How Small

"No Matter How Small" (April 25, 2010 - Earth Day) When viewed in perspective, our world is incredibly small, like the speck on which the Whos live in Dr. Seuss's stories. And yet, we find that in our smallness, we are precious to God and we must be precious to one another. Our "text" is… Continue reading Sermon: No Matter How Small

Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

Tomorrow is Visibility Day at the Vermont State House. It is a day for all those who support equal marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons to be seen and heard, to talk with their representatives, and to give voice to their support of full equality in marriage. I plan to be in attendance.… Continue reading Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

It Ain’t Easy…

Being green and churchy at the same time. First, a couple of assumptions for this post. 1. Climate change is real, significant, and really significant. I grew up knowing this-- way beyond aerosol cans or cfl light bulbs, there is substantial and irreparable damage that humankind has inflicted on this planet, especially since the discovery,… Continue reading It Ain’t Easy…