Sermon: Find the Meeting Places

puzzle6“Find the Meeting Places”

(January 17, 2016) Jesus calls the disciples to step out of their comfort zones, yes, but not to do something totally alien to them– for a group of people who know fishing, he invites them to fish for people. When God calls us, it’s usually to use gifts that we already have, just to use them in a different way. What gifts and joys do we have, and where do they intersect with the needs around us, so that we may find Frederick Buechner’s definition of our vocation: “the place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”? (Exodus 3:1-12Matthew 4:12-22)

Sermon: Reflect Your Belovedness

mirror1“Reflect Your Belovedness”

(Jan 10, 2016) If what we believe about ourselves is reflected out into the world, what would it be like if we truly believed that we were beloved children of God? (Luke 3:15-17, 21-22)

Sermon: Hope Unexpected

IMG_3101“Hope Unexpected”

(December 13, 2015) Mary and Elizabeth, two people who each failed at their one job (to provide their husbands with sons, of course), are perhaps in the best position to grasp and proclaim exactly how powerful God’s transformation is, and how much hope turns things upside-down, if we dare to hold on to it.  (Luke 1:39-56)


Our advent theme is “It Takes a Village,” as we look at the people surrounding Jesus.

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Sermon: For the Love of Joseph

IMG_3251“It Takes a Village: For the Love of Joseph”

(December 6, 2015) Joseph makes a radical decision, when her learned of her alleged infidelity, first to divorce Mary quietly, and then not to divorce her at all but to join with her in marriage, and to raise their child together, even naming Jesus as his own son. Such love breaks barriers and shatters the conventions and expectations of the world. Where are we called to love like that in the world today– to forgive and draw in those who have wronged us, or those whom society preaches are unworthy of love? (Matthew 1:18-25)


Our advent theme is “It Takes a Village,” as we look at the people surrounding Jesus.

Folks who have previously had the problem if the link to the sermon being “corrupt,” does this link help?

Sermon: Simeon, Anna, and Expectation

IMG_3101“It Takes a Village: Simeon, Anna, and Expectation”

(November 29, 2015) Jesus was born into a community, a context, a village, and the people in that context and community are important. The prophets– from those of old like Jeremiah, to those contemporary and near-contemporary with Jesus like Simeon and Anna– expressed the people’s longing for Jesus, and his fulfillment of God’s promise. How do we serve as prophets today? (Jeremiah 33:14-16Matthew 3:1-6Luke 2:25-38)


Our advent theme is “It Takes a Village,” as we look at the people surrounding Jesus.

Sermon: Defined by Generosity

cover3“Defined by Generosity”

(November 15, 2015) It’s silly, really, to think that we could live our lives free from the fear and worry around money. But God calls us to joyful, almost laughable, leaps of faith in freedom. (Genesis 18:1-15Mark 12:38-44)

This is a four-part series by Adam Hamilton called “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity.” The sermons are my take on the topics. You can hear the rest of the series too:

Sermon: Gathered in the Name

Slide2 copy“Gathered in the Name”

(October 4, 2015) In some ways saving the best for last, we reflect on how the Beloved Community is centered on Christ, gathered together in his name and living lives modeled after his example. (1 Corinthians 11:23-28, 33Luke 24:13-32)

“Beloved Community: How the People of God Create Community” is an original sermon series. The topics are:


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