Sermon: Beyond the Worry

BBB promo 1“Beyond the Worry”

(February 17, 2019) As I prepare to travel to the Called Session of The United Methodist Church, I am not alone in feeling worry about the future of our denomination. But if God cares for the birds and the flowers, perhaps God gives us something inherently human, which will provide for us so that we don’t need to worry. (Jeremiah 17:5-10, Matthew 6:25-34)


Sermon: Beyond the Chaos

BBB promo 1“Beyond the Chaos”

(February 10, 2019) Maybe we are not suppose to “retreat” as in withdraw from the world; maybe we are supposed to advance into a greater sense of God-with-us. (1 Kings 19:1-15, Mark 1:29-39)

Sermon: Beyond the Horizon

BBB promo 1“Beyond the Horizon”

(January 27, 2019) Has the church lost its unique moral voice? Can we, in response to God’s call, find a new moral voice for this time and place? (John 1:35-46Mark 1:14-20)

Sermon: Call and Response (Bath)

BBB promo 1“Call and Response (Bath)”

(January 13, 2019) God draws near to us in the life of Jesus, and in the remembrance of that life in communion. Then, God calls us in baptism. How will we respond? (Isaiah 43:1-7, Mark 1:4-11)

Sermon: Follow Your Star (Bread)

BBB promo 1“Follow Your Star (Bread)”

(January 6, 2019) As we reflect on the story of the Magi, or Wise Ones, we recognize that it is easier to run toward something than run away. How is God calling us toward something this year? (Matthew 2:1-12)

Sermon: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Advent 1 Peace“Sleep in Heavenly Peace”

(December 2, 2018) After reading the powerful words of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 2:1-4; Isaiah 9:2, 6-7), our message this morning came in the form of a story, read by three veterans from our congregation: (in order) Sarah J., Wayne A., and Bob P. We had hoped to have the story read/also read by Jack R., a WWII veteran, but he was not able to read aloud, and so we share this story in part in his honor. The text comes from “The WWI Christmas Truce,” by Christopher Kline.

During the recording, we displayed a slideshow of images from the truce.

After the story, I said: Can you imagine returning to the trenches to fight, sending gunfire across the field where you just played soccer, aiming at the people with whom you exchanged gifts? I can’t imagine it. But the truce ended, and the war resumed. That’s what we humans do. Our peace is temporary, fleeting, and fragile. This is why we need the light of Christ in our lives. This is why we long not for our own peace, but for God’s heavenly peace. The musical group Celtic Thunder tells this story another way…

I then attempted to play this song from Celtic Thunder, which I find quite powerful, although perhaps too intense for some.

Sermon: Become Like a Child

Are you Kidding

“Become Like a Child” 

(August 5, 2018) We long for easier, simpler times, and our faith is no exception. Children have a natural wonder and simplicity about faith, about the stories of the Bible, and the worldview of right and wrong. How do we let go of our “grown up” sensibilities and rediscover the faith of a child? (Hosea 11:1-4, 8b-11; Matthew 18:1-7).