Flying again

I’m headed out of town again tomorrow after church. This time, I’m going to the young UMC clergy forum in Washington D.C., hosted by the Board of Church and Society.

And this time, I’m bringing my laptop, so I won’t be depending on my iPhone to blog with.

4 thoughts on “Flying again”

  1. Ah, how do you get invited to these cool things? Enjoy chillin’ with the younguns and remind them repeatedly that the youngest Elder in NE is not there (me!). Ha!

  2. @Jeremy,
    According to the registration list, no one is coming from NEAC. I don’t know why not! And I got invited because I was the only young adult clergy person in Troy that doesn’t have a two week old baby.
    Seriously, though, I think we need to keep on NE and make sure cool people get to go places next time!


  3. My daughter is attending one that is sponsored by her conference Western North Carolina in Hickory, NC this week. She is just starting this process and is 26.

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