Turning Worlds Upside-Down 3

Keynote on Eliminating Poverty/Workshop: Eliminating Poverty as a means of Congregational Revitalization (this would have been a powerful time to hear some firsthand stories of those who've lived or are living in poverty. there was a Rwandan refugee who lived in a camp in Malawi in my workshop later; I wish everyone could have heard… Continue reading Turning Worlds Upside-Down 3

Turning Worlds Upside-Down 2

Keynote on Congregational Development New places for new people and renewal of existing congregtions In the early days of the UMC, we started one new church per day. Hearing stories of new church plants here (what is a successful plant? why is it so often buying a building in the suburbs and moving out of… Continue reading Turning Worlds Upside-Down 2