Turning Worlds Upside-Down 1

(unedited notes) Keynote on leadership Bishop Huie Methodism began as a movement. What does it mean to become a movement again? What does it take to be a leader in this movement? 1. Capacity- gift, skill set, equipping 2. Desire- clear about purpose, know and love the Holy 3. Courage- risk taking, facing conflict. Bishop… Continue reading Turning Worlds Upside-Down 1

To Press

While I'm (laptopless) in Florida, I leave you with a couple of things I've recently published. Ministry in the age of online networking (article for my Annual Conference's website) "The Birthing of a Mother-God" (essay for "Mama Says" a local publication for mothers, in their edition on mathoerhood and spirituality, re-work of an earlier blog… Continue reading To Press

Split Personality

Sorry, gentle readers, about the black hole of post-Christmas, post-family-crisis time I slipped into. Thanks for tuning back in. Christmas Eve services at my two churches were special, each in their own way. The sermon was the same, and a lot of the hymns were good old standby Christmas hymns, and each ended with candle-lighting… Continue reading Split Personality

Prayer to open a session of the Vermont State Senate

Eternal Source of wisdom and justice, we still our scattered thoughts for a few moments this morning to call to mind the things for which we are thankful: for the beauty of this place we call home, for sunlight caught on glittering tree branches; for the remarkable revelation of your love around us, for the… Continue reading Prayer to open a session of the Vermont State Senate

In the midst of death, we also live.

I love my kid; she keeps life light. I was in the shower this morning, working on my eulogy (because that's where I always work on my sermons, don't you?). Arianna was obviously playing hide-and-seek with my brother-in-law, because just as I was reaching the second transition in the eulogy (and the conditioner), the bathroom… Continue reading In the midst of death, we also live.