Sermon: Divine Teamwork

hands team kids“Divine Teamwork”

(May 26, 2013) The idea of God as Trinity is complex and hard to make sense of. Ultimately, I think it’s unimportant– unless it can tell us something about God and something about how we are to live. I think it does this: by describing God as complex and in relationship and community, we too can see that the interconnected messy dance of our lives is holy and beautiful (Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31).


In my feeble attempts to explain the Trinity, I’m sure I’m guilty of committing the heresies of modalism and/or partialism. Oh well; I wouldn’t be the first. (silly video)

5 thoughts on “Sermon: Divine Teamwork”

  1. As you said, God as Trinity doesn’t make sense, especially when it wasn’t part of mainstream Christianity for the first 300 years after Jesus.

  2. You’re kidding? Right?
    Read “Against Praxeas”

    “Observe, then, that when you are silently conversing with yourself, this very process is carried on within you by your reason, which meets you with a word at every movement of your thought, at every impulse of your conception. Whatever you think, there is a word; whatever you conceive, there is reason. You must needs speak it in your mind; and while you are speaking, you admit speech as an interlocutor with you, involved in which there is this very reason, whereby, while in thought you are holding converse with your word, you are (by reciprocal action) producing thought by means of that converse with your word. Thus, in a certain sense, the word is a second person within you, through which in thinking you utter speech, and through which also, (by reciprocity of process,) in uttering speech you generate thought. The word is itself a different thing from yourself. Now how much more fully is all this transacted in God, whose image and likeness even you are regarded as being, inasmuch as He has reason within Himself even while He is silent, and involved in that Reason His Word! I may therefore without rashness first lay this down (as a fixed principle) that even then before the creation of the universe God was not alone, since He had within Himself both Reason, and, inherent in Reason, His Word, which He made second to Himself by agitating it within Himself.”
    Chapter 5

    1. I do like it when people engage deeply and theologically! Thanks for your comment!


  3. LOVED the “silly video.” Thanks for your constant effort to help make faith language relevant.
    Blessings to you Becca

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