Sermon: Falling Scales– Ananias and the Boston Bombing

"Falling Scales" (April 21, 2013) In the wake of the bombing in Boston this past week, we reflect on what it means to forgive, and to reach out to those we might call enemy, drawing on Jesus and the lesser known Ananias of Damascus as examples. (Acts 9:1-20) --- Before the sermon, I played this… Continue reading Sermon: Falling Scales– Ananias and the Boston Bombing

Sermon: Confining Comfort

"Confining Comfort" (April 14, 2013) A few days after the resurrection, the disciples return to doing what is familiar to them. Often we find ourselves stuck in familiar habits and routines, even when we want to make a change. Is there a small change you can make today to live into transformed life? (John 21:1-14)