A New Venture

silencedI’ve started a new blog project with a partner in crime (and what we hope may become a team of contributors and discussion partners). “InterRelations” (www.interrelationsblog.wordpress.com) Seeks to break open conversation about gender, sexuality, relationships, and families in all configurations.

From our introductory blog post:

There is a conversation missing in The United Methodist Church, and perhaps in the progressive church overall.

It’s the conversation about gender and sexuality that invites us to each be our authentic selves… the conversation about sex that seeks health, wholeness, and faithfulness comprehensively… the conversation about relationships that values single persons, married persons, partners, spouses, friends, loved ones, and acquaintances… the conversation about families in all their configurations that presupposes nothing when it comes to how people name, define, imagine, shape, and relate to their families…

Here at InterRelations, we hope to open the space for those missing conversations.

I hope you’ll take a look and a read at the posts there from time to time, and contribute to the conversation. If you have topics you’d like to discuss– or even better, like to blog about yourself!– please drop me a line.

Sermon: Shhhh!

water leaf relax“Shhhh!”

(June 23, 2013) In the midst of a chaotic and frightening time, when God has just been revealed to him in fire and destruction, Elijah somehow finds it in himself to hear and notice God in the small, still, and ordinary. What does it take to slow ourselves down enough, quiet ourselves down enough, that we might hear the Divine whisper? (1 Kings 19:1-4, 8-15a)

yeah, I don’t know either how I can talk for 22 minutes about the importance of silence…

Sermon: Loved Much

Members of the Conference join the preacher in song. Photo by Rosemary McNulty
Members of the Conference join the preacher in song. Photo by Rosemary McNulty

“Loved Much”

(June 16, 2013) The scandalous actions of the unnamed woman at the feast reminds us that all are welcome in Jesus’ presence, and all invited to pour out all our grief and loss, and bring our full selves, that we may be made well. (Luke 7:36-8:3)

With gratitude to Bishop Devadhar, Pastor Rebecca Lambert, Rev. Dr. Jungsun Oh, and the people of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church


Sermon: Never Empty

jar rice 1“Never Empty”

(June 9, 2013) Just when it seems all hope is gone, and the last flour has been scraped from the jar, the last loved one pried from her life, a widow who opened her home to a prophet finds God’s grace and abundance interceding in her life. Where are the places you feel most empty, and are longing to be filled? (1 Kings 17:8-24, Luke 7:11-17)


I apologize for the horrific sound quality on this week’s recording. New iPhone did not like old headphones. I’ve also had this problem with wineskins.