Sermon: Feeling the Tug

hands reaching 2“Feeling the Tug”

(June 28, 2009) Jesus took notice of a woman in incredible pain who was reaching out to him. He felt her tug on the edge of his garment, and turned to offer grace and blessing, completing her healing. Who are the people who are reaching out to us in their pain? In the wake of recent community tragedy, can we find new ways to practice feeling the tug of those in need of God’s love? A difficult week, difficult topic, difficult message. (Mark 5:21-43)

[unlike most of the sermons I upload, this one is the version preached at Grace UMC in Plainfield, the site of this week’s crisis, so obviously the sermon was different and more tailored to that community.]

1 thought on “Sermon: Feeling the Tug”

  1. Pastor Becca Clark,
    Have been communicating with you on UMcommunities, but really did not realize you were a pastor not that it matter except for the fact I have been missing the chance to listen to some wonderful and very “real” sermons. “Feeling the Tug” touched a very deep spot in me and spoke to ministry in a beautiful way. When you spoke of your daughter in “Rest a While”, it was a mother affirming motherhood as you also ministered to us about how to stay rested for the journey over the long haul. I could go on, but I will just say thanks.


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