On the murder of Dr. Tiller

I doubt any of my blog readers are waiting with baited breath to see what my opinion is on the murder– in his church– of Dr. Tiller, a medical professional who provided late-term abortions. I’m betting you probably know what I’m going to say. But just in case you want my theological and pastoral opinion.

This is as literalistic as I get: Thou. Shall. Not. Kill.

Yeah, that sums it up.

What, you ask, do I think the church’s response to abortion should be, since I clearly don’t think we should be in the business of advocating for the murder of doctors? I believe that people of faith should not spend time trying to make abortion illegal. We should strive, through advocacy and assistance for women before, during, and after pregnancy, through the support of medical research and assistance, through support of all families no matter what they look like and where biological and adoptive parental lines fall, to render abortion unnecessary. Safe. Legal. An option. But laregely an unnecessary one.

[edited to add: before you click on the comments– please, sisters who have experienced miscarriage, be advised that one comment contains what I found to be graphic langage on the subject. For all who would comment, I am implementing this rule: No graphic descriptions. Life is fragile at all points of the journey. When dealing with this sensitive subject, I request– no, here on my space I demand– gentleness, compassion, and respect for one another. Failing that, I ask for your silence.]