Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have”

"Measuring what we don't have" (July 26, 2009) Like the people of Israel, wandering in the desert, like the disciples of Jesus, trying to feed a multitude with a handful of bread and a couple fish, we are slow to believe that God's abundance will be enough for us. We live instead in a mindset… Continue reading Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have”

Kid prayers

A couple of mornings ago, my four and a half year old came into my room, climbed into bed, and cuddled me into wakefulness. By the way, I highly recommend this method of starting your day-- getting as many hugs from as many people who love you as possible. Puts things in perspective. After several… Continue reading Kid prayers

A Wise Latina, racism, and white privilege

Judge Sonia Sotomayor can't really say what needs to be said with reference to her 'wise Latina' quote, because she's trying to get herself confirmed by Democrats and Republicans alike. But I want her to say it. Here are her statements, in what I hope is some context, lifted from another blog: I would hope… Continue reading A Wise Latina, racism, and white privilege

Sermon: Fools and Fools for God

"Fools and Fools for God" (July 12, 2009) David goes all out, dancing his heart out for God. Some thought he looked a little foolish, perhaps, but Paul reminds us that God uses that which is foolish to accomplish divine purposes. Are we ready to go all out, to live our faith out loud without… Continue reading Sermon: Fools and Fools for God

Sermon: Hometown Expectations

"Hometown Expectations" (July 5, 2009) Returning to preach in his hometown, Jesus found that the expectations of others not only resulted in diminshed respect, but actually diminished his ability to do ministry in their midst. How are our ministries hampered by the expectations we allow others to place on us, or that we place on… Continue reading Sermon: Hometown Expectations

Beyond Anger

A colleague (thanks, Mark!) sent me a link today about some Catholic Sisters who give one another space to face illness and death with peace and dignity. Note especially this section: Dr. McCann [who works closely with the sisters] said that the sisters’ religious faith insulated them from existential suffering — the “Why me?” refrain… Continue reading Beyond Anger