Walk a mile…

My car was in the shop this morning, getting the brakes repaired, and so I walked my daughter to school. That is, I carried her on my shoulders for a mile along the side of the road, and then walked a mile back to my house.

Halfway back to my house, going up what I need to say is a very steep hill, it struck me that there are some parents who carry their children everywhere, and there are some people, children included, who walk a mile or much, much more each day to get to school, or to get access to clean water and other essentials. And here I was feeling sore and sorry for myself over a measly two miles.

Perspective is a good and humbling thing.

(and then of course, the car was ready to be picked up and there appears to be no such thing as a taxi here, so I walked three miles more to the downtown to get my car, to avoid having to carry the same toddler a mile uphill. so now I’m just complaining)

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