Confession and Compassion

Hopefully not too much navel-gazing. Maybe it's the election, or the extraordinary ordination or talking with folks struggling to find or afford housing, but I've been thinking a lot about privilege lately. With the exception of the fact that I'm a woman, I am a member of every privileged majority group I can think of:… Continue reading Confession and Compassion

Living Tomorrow Today

(An Extraordinary Ordination, from Church Within a Church) There are times when you fight for all you're worth to make change happen. There are times when you bang your head against the wall until it hurts. There are times when you nurse your wounds and pray for strength to pick up the struggle another day.… Continue reading Living Tomorrow Today

In the News

This past week, I had an article published in The Bridge, Montpelier's independent newspaper. That article was an edited version of two of my earlier posts about houselessness/homelessness (found here and here). Since that time, I've had several folks contact me about doing more together to find sustainable solutions to the housing shortage in our… Continue reading In the News