Circuit Rider: Fail.

Apparently, it takes some practice to get your head around serving two churches at once.

Last week, I had to drive to church B and get an extra robe before I went to church A for the first service and then back to church B. That was nothing. This week, I forgot the bulletins for church A at my house, and had to wing a service for which I had a sermon (much easier for me to do, as I mostly preach from memory anyway) but no bulletins. I’ll get the hang of it.

And then Sunday afternoon I wasn’t much better. In fact, I was horizontal for almost all of it. That’s right; I was so tired I slept for an entire afternoon. Wow. And awoke to sad news about the death of a pastor in our conference who will be greatly missed.

So notsomuch a good day all around. In some ways, this feels like relearning my ministry and the lessons of my first appointment all over again. I guess that’s a good thing; if I had nothing left to learn, I think it would be time for me to find something else to do with my life.

7 thoughts on “Circuit Rider: Fail.”

  1. Failed?
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    Look at the picture you posted.
    We assume the person is studiously learning another chapter of the Bible. Multi-tasking.
    But what about reality?!
    Like they’re trying to come up with a sermon while traveling between charges?
    Or worse, they’re looking up directions on how to get to the next charge?
    If a robe and a bulletin make you a successful pastor, you DO need to find something else to do with your life. (I don’t think so.)

    As for the nap, even God rested on the seventh day.

    Remember, the question you are asked is “are you going on to perfection,” not “are you perfect?”

    Give youself some slack, thank God for Pastor W, and continue to be the best darned pastor you can be!

  2. @kmcdade,

    Thanks, and I didn’t mean to imply that Sunday napping was a mistake! More a reflection of how very much I need to get used to the new routine, if my body is that drained by one o’clock.


    “If a robe and a bulletin make you a successful pastor, you DO need to find something else to do with your life.”

    Youch! And point well taken. I needed that.

    Maybe my little cartoon guy is reading a novel and giving himself a little bit of downtime between charges (but if it’s supposed to be Wesley, I’d guess not, since he’d consider that being ‘triflingly employed’). In any case, he should.

    Remembering the question, and its response, I am going on to perfection with God’s help, not my own.


  3. Hi…I started reading Bishop Willimon’s blog…went to the young clergy site, and wound up here.

    I’m glad I did.

    I also serve 2 churches. I preach at one at 10:00, and the other at 11:30 every Sunday. My first year I slept as soon as I got home, only to wake up, and dash to get ready because the clock said it was 9:40! I had to be at my church in 20 minutes….dawn and dusk look a lot alike in Alabama! I understand the frustration. Wait until charge conference, lay leadership, and PPR evaluations all happen in the same week!

    The homeless problem is a universal one, one that I deal with. But I do work with groups within my church who take abandoned trailers, fix them up, and give them away to folks that need them…and there are organizations like Habitat for Humanity which actually do really good things. Still…it won’t solve the problem…but we weren’t called to solve the problem. We were (and are) called to do what we can….because if everybody “(through Christ) does what they can…the problem will be solved.

    Blessings and Peace,

  4. @Lance,

    I’m glad you clicked through and found me too! I’ve done the am/pm mix up before as well, and felt rather foolish.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.


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