Lent Worship Series- Poured Out

Poured Out tears 2Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for Easter, for the tremendous revelation of God pouring out God’s own self for all the world.

Such revelation is too much to take in sometimes! Instead, we will try to experience it through the imagined words and stories of the people who surrounded Jesus in his last week: a friend who anoints him, two disciples (Peter and Judas), a soldier who witnesses his execution, and his mother, Mary. As each sees an element—oil, water, wine, blood, tears—poured out, we all wait with hope for love and light and life to be poured out on Easter. Then, we will bear witness with seekers at the tomb of Jesus, including Mary Magdalene.

Here are the sermons in this worship series:
“Poured Out” (Sand- intro to the theme) 2/14
“Glimpses of Mortality” (Oil) 2/21
“Are You (really) Going to Wash My Feet?” (Water) 2/28
“A Bitter Cup” (Wine) 3/6
“Redeeming Blood” (Blood) 3/13
“A Time for Tears” (Tears- Palm/Passion Sunday) 3/20
“Seekers at the Tomb: Mary Magdalene” (Light- Easter) 3/27

Journey with us for worship this sacred season!

“Poured Out” monologues for Lent by Dr. Marcia McFee, (www.marciamcfee.com) used with permission. “Seekers at the Tomb” Easter monologues by Pastor Becca.

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