Sermon: A Time for Tears

"A Time for Tears" (March 20, 2016) When Mary weeps for Jesus, or when Jesus himself weeps, we see a sort of human vulnerability that we can lose track of when it comes to Jesus. Will you let the story of the human Jesus move you this week? (John 19:25-30) “Poured Out” monologues for Lent… Continue reading Sermon: A Time for Tears

Sermon: Redeeming Blood

"Redeeming Blood" (March 13, 2016) I've never been comfortable with embracing the blood and suffering of Jesus' death, not because I'm squeamish, but because I don't like what that says about God. But if redemption is in Christ's blood (just like, as an Italian, hospitality is in mine), is it possible to redeem this image… Continue reading Sermon: Redeeming Blood

Sermon: Are You (really) Going to Wash My Feet?

"Are You (really) Going to Wash My Feet?" (February 28, 2016) Peter does not want to see Jesus humble himself to the status of servant or slave and wash the feet of the disciples. But Jesus teaches that our faith calls us to the humbleness of both service to others and receiving the blessing offered to us.… Continue reading Sermon: Are You (really) Going to Wash My Feet?