Well begun is half (hey I hope not!) done

My first worship services on Sunday went really well, especially considering how bewildered I felt for most of them! I actually think that having two churches will be an interesting challenge– it was already cool to see how the same service elements (hymns, prayers, etc) play differently for different crowds, and how the same sermon seemed to resonate in different ways. By way of just a tiny example, in Plainfield, the smaller congregation, my line about newness smelling like a mixture between grass and mud, signalling that Spring has begun drew outright chuckles, while there was dead silence ten miles down the road in Montpelier. Likewise, the folks in Plainfield were nonplussed by my statements about Obama accepting the Presidential nomination on the 45th anniversary of Rev. Dr. King’s I Have a Dream, but the congregation in Montpelier nodded and smiled in affirmation. Mini-note to self– the state-capital-dwellers like politics and the smaller-town-dwellers like earthiness. Got it.

Across the board, and in both churches, there was great excitement both for the new relationship between the congregations and I and also for the new relationship between the two congregations sharing a pastor for the first time. And folks were very welcoming of my family and me, including some extended family and friends along for the first day show!

Okay, so I know that it’s been a time since I’ve been able to upload a new sermon, and I’m working on it. I did make a (really bad, echo-filled) recording this week that I have to figure out how to upload from where it currently is– on my husband’s phone. When i can get it into an mp3 format and uploaded I’ll post it. Apologies in advance for the quality. We’re working on finding (I know I packed it somewhere!) the mp3 recorder, and a line in cable, and then we should be able to make a file directly off the sound system. I hope to have this all worked out in a couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I can almost get back to blogging. I shudder to think how many readers I’ve lost in my two weeks without any reliable internet, but I should be much better now. So tell your friends! Pastor Becca is back, and she promises to be witty, relevant, and interesting. At least one of those at least once a post.

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