Worship Design

I love getting a little creative with my worship space. My first appointment, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, had a wonderfully flexible sanctuary that allowed for some interesting altar designs. Here are a few of my favorite worship setups, captured on camera.

Left, the Spirit gets creative all on its own, casting a little heart up by the cross one Sunday morning during confirmation class.

Above left: A garden path, where we encountered the risen Christ Easter Sunday. Above right: Crepe paper flames dance on Pentecost.

Below left: Caution! There’s a containment breach and God’s presence is leaking out into the world (at the end of the service, we cut the tape to help it along).
Below right: Removing all the chairs provided enough space to unfurl a labyrinth
for a contemplative summer service.

Right: Christmas Eve service using the poinsettias and Advent candles to form a wreath, with the Christ candle and manger at the center

Below: Another Christmas Eve service, focusing on the stable and the manger.

One Response

  1. I particularly love the garden for Easter morning. It reminds me of an Easter about 30 years ago when we took our children to Williamsburg. On Easter morning, we went to the famed Bruton Parish Church, only to find that it was full. A priest came running out and said he would celebrate in the graveyard. He set up the vessels for the loaf and cup on a raised concrete grave. The grass was wet with dew, and we stood with the congregation amidst the plants and graves. Suddenly, it was 2000 years ago and I was in the garden where the tomb of Jesus lay. The stone was rolled back, and I was in awe. Resurrection took form and came for me that day.
    (Member of 1st UMC Voorheesville)

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