Christmas Services

Okay, so first I want to say that my sermon on Sunday 23rd was pretty cool, and it's a shame it wasn't recorded. It came out even better when I preached it than it looked on paper index card. Basically, I talked about what it meant to be delivered (or 'saved'), and said that in… Continue reading Christmas Services

Post Thanksgiving Pastoring

Sunday I preached a pretty decent sermon, which was surprising only because I hadn't, um, written one. I had about four lines of notes on a cue card. Tuesday, my lay leadership team met and we're going to try something that I think might be new and exciting. We have been trying to develop a… Continue reading Post Thanksgiving Pastoring


Sunday's worship service was my first large-scale experiment with experiential/emerging worship with my congregation. The worship design I described earlier went really well--I'll have to upload a picture of my caution-taped altar--and the sermon (as always, available at my google archive ) went exceptionally well, despite my being three sheets to the wind on Dayquil… Continue reading Transfiguration

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Okay, not *look* exactly. It's about 60 degrees out, and the lawn is as green as it was in August. But I'm feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit. I get all bah-humbuggy, because of all the work and stress and expectations--whose are they exactly?--and it's hard to be Christmas-y. But I had a… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas