Finding Jesus

Every week, I have a to-do list for the various aspects of my job (Worship Service, Visitation, Meetings & Administration and so on).Yes, I realize that's very type A of me. Mostly I just like to be able to cross stuff off. Parts of the list are pre-written, and copied so that some recurring things… Continue reading Finding Jesus

Split Personality

Sorry, gentle readers, about the black hole of post-Christmas, post-family-crisis time I slipped into. Thanks for tuning back in. Christmas Eve services at my two churches were special, each in their own way. The sermon was the same, and a lot of the hymns were good old standby Christmas hymns, and each ended with candle-lighting… Continue reading Split Personality

That Tingly Feeling- Troy AC blogpost 1

Troy Annual Conference was called to order last night at 7 p.m., but that was not where it started. I arrived (later than I had hoped) at around 11 a.m. to help set up with the worship team and the communications team, and generally settle in and talk to my friends and colleagues. One of… Continue reading That Tingly Feeling- Troy AC blogpost 1

Birthdays all Around

The church and I shared a birthday this Sunday, and what a celebration it was. The sermon, "Variety Show" is uploaded in my sermon archive. I struggled quite a bit with this service, because I really like to make Pentecost special. Unlike Christmas and Easter, there are no traditions, no expectations, and in many ways… Continue reading Birthdays all Around

A Very Happy Easter

Despite my complaints at the time, I actually do think I like Easter better than Christmas. At least, I definitely liked this year's Easter better than the most recent Christmas. You will, of course, remember that Christmas 2007 was less than stellar. You may also remember that I have been thinking about Easter and ways… Continue reading A Very Happy Easter

Good News, or t’Hell With Ya

Ever since my disappointing Christmas Eve service, I've been thinking about the C&E (exclusively Christmas and Easter attendees) crowd and what it might mean to tailor a service in a way that reaches them. What is the ministry of the church in the context of these services? The first, perfectly valid question is whether or… Continue reading Good News, or t’Hell With Ya