To Press

While I'm (laptopless) in Florida, I leave you with a couple of things I've recently published. Ministry in the age of online networking (article for my Annual Conference's website) "The Birthing of a Mother-God" (essay for "Mama Says" a local publication for mothers, in their edition on mathoerhood and spirituality, re-work of an earlier blog… Continue reading To Press

Feedback wanted

Hi folks, when you have a few free minutes (this week? ha!), could you do me a favor and check out my 'Virtual Worship' link on Trinity UMC's website? For the second week in a row, we had little or no heat in the sanctuary, and this week there was a severe weather warning, so… Continue reading Feedback wanted

I did not have pastoral relations with that woman!

I know, I sound a little... Clintonian here, but I have a question about the meaning of pastoral contact. You see, according to our guidelines for appointment, clergy covenant, and countless other documents, After the change of appointment, the outgoing pastor will not have pastoral contact with any member of the congregation without the invitation… Continue reading I did not have pastoral relations with that woman!

Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Related to my previous post about blogging, there is something to be said for Facebook, where I'm a relative newbie, but the idea is growing on me (and not just because of the Text Twist either!). It's strength is the sheer momentum of numbers. Everyone and their grandmother is there. Well, my kid's grandmothers are… Continue reading Side note- why I, er, Facebook