Sermon: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

"Sleep in Heavenly Peace" (December 2, 2018) After reading the powerful words of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 2:1-4; Isaiah 9:2, 6-7), our message this morning came in the form of a story, read by three veterans from our congregation: (in order) Sarah J., Wayne A., and Bob P. We had hoped to have the story… Continue reading Sermon: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sermon: Bullfrog Spirituality

"Bullfrog Spirituality" (May 13, 2018) God calls all things holy-- and is present to us in all kinds of ways that are also all holy. Sometimes, we find God in surprising places, a reminder that everything, yes even a bullfrog, is holy. (Luke 24:44-53) At the conclusion of the sermon, I played this video of… Continue reading Sermon: Bullfrog Spirituality

Sermon: Nothing Can Separate You

"Nothing Can Separate You" (February 18, 2018) When we baptize a person, regardless of age, we proclaim God's love of them and our support and love for them, almost always before we know anything about them. Nothing can separate us from the truth that we are all beloved children of God. (Mark 1:9-15; Romans 8:… Continue reading Sermon: Nothing Can Separate You