Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened

Earlier this week I tweeted: just because it's expected doesn't make it hurt any less. We-- whoever "we" are-- did not expect to win any ground on the church's position about homosexuality this quadrennium. But I'm a believer in the resurrection promise. That sometimes means that I every so often and ever so naively hold… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened

Link love abounds

Welcome, readers of Ministry Matters as well, where my blog was linked today. It's great to have so many folks engaged in conversation about what keeps us together and what drives us apart. It's different for each person, as is the balance of which force (the keeping together or the driving apart) is stronger. For… Continue reading Link love abounds

Preparing (to go away) for General Conference

Christ is Risen! I hope Holy Week was a powerful and prayerful time for those of you who observe it. My experience, while exhausting, was rewarding and filled with Spirit. And now, with out much further ado, my countdown to the United Methodist Church's General Conference 2012 begins. We've got two week to finish getting… Continue reading Preparing (to go away) for General Conference

Sermon: Point of Choice

"Point of Choice" (Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012) The choice with which Jesus presents us, laid bare before us on Palm Sunday, is a choice between orienting our lives around violence, power, hatred, and pain, or orienting them around Love. Which do you choose? (Mark 11:1-11) --- This sermon is another response to the Melissa… Continue reading Sermon: Point of Choice

The Death Penalty and The United Methodist Church

In addition to being proud of my state, I am proud to be part of a denomination that takes a strong stance against the death penalty. On the subject of capital punishment, The United Methodist Church says: We believe the death penalty denies the power of Christ to redeem, restore and transform all human beings.… Continue reading The Death Penalty and The United Methodist Church

Justice with Temperance (the Death Penalty and our Better Angels)

I'm proud to live in a state that does not have the death penalty. I'm a staunch pacifist, and I believe that nonviolence isn't weakness, but requires profound strength. It is by no means easy. Vermont State Police arrested a couple yesterday, and charged them with second degree murder in the death of Melissa Jenkins.… Continue reading Justice with Temperance (the Death Penalty and our Better Angels)

Spirituality that speaks to the rest of us

I have bad days. Bad weeks, even. Last week was one such example. I was feeling like "church" was an old, dead concept (I still think this, at least in the way most of us think about church), and that progressives/liberals like myself would have no space whatsoever in the spiritual culture of the future--… Continue reading Spirituality that speaks to the rest of us

The Problem of Evil

The community where I grew up, affectionately known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, is reeling this morning. 33-year old Melissa Jenkins, a single mom and a high school physics teacher and basketball coach, disappeared Sunday night. Her car was found late in the evening, pulled alongside the road near her house, running, with her… Continue reading The Problem of Evil

Letter to the Editor– Associated Press

An article appeared yesterday in the Associated Press with a headline that I felt was way off. Here is my letter to the editor of the AP. Dear Editor, I am writing to express my disappointment and anger over a very poorly worded headline "Was Fla. shooter a vigilante or good neighbor?" article by Mike… Continue reading Letter to the Editor– Associated Press