Affordable for who?

I attended a meeting last night about the future of housing in Montpelier. Montpelier has some interesting trends, which make housing a critical issue for the city. First, we have more jobs in the city than we have residents, which means that there's work to be had here, and that there are a lot of… Continue reading Affordable for who?

Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

Tomorrow is Visibility Day at the Vermont State House. It is a day for all those who support equal marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons to be seen and heard, to talk with their representatives, and to give voice to their support of full equality in marriage. I plan to be in attendance.… Continue reading Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

It Ain’t Easy…

Being green and churchy at the same time. First, a couple of assumptions for this post. 1. Climate change is real, significant, and really significant. I grew up knowing this-- way beyond aerosol cans or cfl light bulbs, there is substantial and irreparable damage that humankind has inflicted on this planet, especially since the discovery,… Continue reading It Ain’t Easy…

Confession and Compassion

Hopefully not too much navel-gazing. Maybe it's the election, or the extraordinary ordination or talking with folks struggling to find or afford housing, but I've been thinking a lot about privilege lately. With the exception of the fact that I'm a woman, I am a member of every privileged majority group I can think of:… Continue reading Confession and Compassion

In the News

This past week, I had an article published in The Bridge, Montpelier's independent newspaper. That article was an edited version of two of my earlier posts about houselessness/homelessness (found here and here). Since that time, I've had several folks contact me about doing more together to find sustainable solutions to the housing shortage in our… Continue reading In the News

Its not homelessness, it’s houselessness.*

My husband commented in my previous post that my conversation marked a mere beginning in a chapter of my ministry, and he was right. My education about homelessness in Montpelier continued today, mostly in the form of a conversation over lunch with a wise man and fellow blogger, who has lots of insight into politics,… Continue reading Its not homelessness, it’s houselessness.*

I Have a Dream. Again.

As I've said before, I feel most passionate about my ministry when I'm building something. Whether it's a worship idea or a bible study or a small group ministry or a new church start, I'm not about maintaining what is but about building anew. My church is one of five in town involved in an… Continue reading I Have a Dream. Again.