Sermon: On the Other Side

"On the Other Side" (July 21, 2013) We are not Trayvon Martin, and we are not the person set upon by robbers on the road to Jericho, but the parable of the Good Samaritan has a powerful message and warning for us. For those with power or privilege-- which, racially speaking, is more than 96%… Continue reading Sermon: On the Other Side

Sermon: The Power of Power

"The Power of Power" (January 6, 2013) In any given injustice or imbalance, one must always trace the power dynamic. Who has power? Who is being dis-empowered? Who is afraid of losing power? Who willingly relinquishes it? Jesus' life is filled with the questions, and he calls us to think of true power very differently...… Continue reading Sermon: The Power of Power

Jurisdictional Dreams

On July 23, DreamUMC hosted a Twitter Chat to reflect on the recent Jurisdictional Conferences of the United Methodist Church. In my opinion, this was one of our most exciting and fruitful conversations so far. We began by asking people in Question 1 to name the highs and lows from their Jurisdictional gatherings, or from… Continue reading Jurisdictional Dreams

Diary of a Delegate: Northeast Jurisdiction recap

I've been home from the Northeast Jurisdictional Conference of the United Methodist Church for a little over a week and a half, and I'm still mentally unpacking (although I actually did unpack my suitcase after almost a week). As I wrote earlier, I did have some hopes and dreams for NEJ. From my perspective, the… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Northeast Jurisdiction recap

Fragments for the Fragmented

Late last week, I was contacted by fellow pastor and blogger Drew "Pastor Mack," who was planning to write about the communion witness in which I participated at General Conference on May 3. He asked for my permission and to further pick my brain a bit, which I gladly granted, and I feel that his… Continue reading Fragments for the Fragmented

Sermon: Tell God Your Plans (GC2012)

"Tell God Your Plans" (May 13, 2012) Reflecting on the United Methodist Church's General Conference, much of it seemed to me to be a lesson in how God works outside of our plans, expectations, and categories. In the face of a wily and wild Holy Spirit, who refuses to be contained by little things like… Continue reading Sermon: Tell God Your Plans (GC2012)

I’m still here

And that's a choice. I'm a Taurus (in fact-- shameless plug for well wishes-- my birthday is tomorrow). If you believe anything at all about astrology, that should tell you that I am stubborn. Perhaps my decision yet again to remain United Methodist in the wake of the past two weeks is simply a manifestation… Continue reading I’m still here

Diary of a Delegate: rebuttal – Some More Equal than Others

I received a comment on my last post (and have received several mentions on Twitter) decrying my efforts with my colleagues as overly political, pushing an agenda, and even Machiavellian or Orwellian. My commenter wrote: "The only totalitarianism is the 'progressive' caucus forcing their will on the rest of the church. Disgraceful." Let me be… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: rebuttal – Some More Equal than Others

Diary of a Delegate: And on the Tenth Day, the Spirit Arrived.

Friends, you heard my pain, frustration, brokenness and even some anger in my last post. The people I care about and the issues and petitions that mattered to us took terrible hits over the first nine and a half days of General Conference. Yes, we failed to change the UMC's policy on homosexuality being incompatible… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: And on the Tenth Day, the Spirit Arrived.

Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened

Earlier this week I tweeted: just because it's expected doesn't make it hurt any less. We-- whoever "we" are-- did not expect to win any ground on the church's position about homosexuality this quadrennium. But I'm a believer in the resurrection promise. That sometimes means that I every so often and ever so naively hold… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened