Sermon (transcript): Perchance to Dream

Yet again bummed that my sermon today wasn't recorded. This time I just flat-out forgot to put in a CD and so did my sound guy. For the record I also flat-out forgot to put on makeup (and, in case you were wondering, so did my sound guy). So I'll do my best from-memory reconstruction.… Continue reading Sermon (transcript): Perchance to Dream

Outside the Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/10, 6:25 p.m.)

( transcribed entry from 8/10/08, 6:25 p.m. ) After a pancake breakfast (which I cooked!) this morning, we had church service on the soccer field, the highlight of which was a beautiful solo of Amazing Grace, sung by North American teen K. I was also honored to be able to serve communion to about half… Continue reading Outside the Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/10, 6:25 p.m.)

Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/8, 11:44 p.m.)

( transcribed entry from 08/08/08, 11:44 p.m. ) Erica worked it out with my family so that they-- well really just Andres-- could go to the banquet last night. The women stayed home with the children, and others were too young to go. The food was great, and Andres gave his characteristic 'ooh' when he… Continue reading Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/8, 11:44 p.m.)

Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 4:35 p.m.)

( transcribed journal entry from 08/07/08, 4:35 p.m. ) We went on a tour of some houses this morning to see some of what Adopta Una Familia and Mi Cometa have done over ten years. It is impressive, Just around the corner from here, there are roads with sidewalks, with proper sewage removal underneath. That's… Continue reading Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 4:35 p.m.)

Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 12:34 a.m.)

Early rising this morning, and at Laguardia by 7, where I met the rest of the reunion group around 9:30. Flight to Miami was uneventful, but the layover was long and we were inexplicably delayed. First disappointment: we got into Guayaquil and through customs at about 11 local time, which felt like midnight to us.… Continue reading Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 12:34 a.m.)

I Have a Dream. Again.

As I've said before, I feel most passionate about my ministry when I'm building something. Whether it's a worship idea or a bible study or a small group ministry or a new church start, I'm not about maintaining what is but about building anew. My church is one of five in town involved in an… Continue reading I Have a Dream. Again.