It’s. Still. Christmas.

People of faith, we have a problem. It's not that people say "Happy Holidays" (as a contraction of Holy and Days, 'holidays' actually reveres all of the sacred and special days in this season, from Solstice to Kwanzaa to Hanukkah to Christmas to Watch Night to New Year's Day). It's not that there's a war… Continue reading It’s. Still. Christmas.

This our hymn of grateful praise

My family and I have much to be thankful for this holiday. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite time of year, perhaps even more so now that it is one of the only holidays that doesn't fall on a weekend and a major church work day. It's a time for family and good food, and… Continue reading This our hymn of grateful praise

Split Personality

Sorry, gentle readers, about the black hole of post-Christmas, post-family-crisis time I slipped into. Thanks for tuning back in. Christmas Eve services at my two churches were special, each in their own way. The sermon was the same, and a lot of the hymns were good old standby Christmas hymns, and each ended with candle-lighting… Continue reading Split Personality

I have determined that Advent 2 hates me.

I was dragging yesterday in a bad way. It might have been the lack of coffee. It might have been that the sermon just didn't come together as I had hoped. In attempt to help myself out, on Saturday I looked up my sermon for Advent 2, 2005, which was on the same texts and… Continue reading I have determined that Advent 2 hates me.

A Corny Post (Giving Thanks)

At the family/friend gathering where I often celebrate Thanksgiving, we have a tradition at the beginning of the meal. Each person sits down to a plate with three popcorn kernels on it (I've realized recently that, as microwave popcorn is the only kind I know how to make, this is tough to replicate at my… Continue reading A Corny Post (Giving Thanks)

A Very Happy Easter

Despite my complaints at the time, I actually do think I like Easter better than Christmas. At least, I definitely liked this year's Easter better than the most recent Christmas. You will, of course, remember that Christmas 2007 was less than stellar. You may also remember that I have been thinking about Easter and ways… Continue reading A Very Happy Easter