Remember Me?

I'm back, and I made it through my first week in the office. Thursday, in fact, was an especially busy day (we don't call it crazy Thursday for nothing; it's always our most packed day!). By the end, my miniature assistant and I were exhausted. But it was a good kind of tired, and I… Continue reading Remember Me?

Pastors only work on Sundays, right?

Today was one of those days. One of those wonderful, glorious days when it may have looked like I did very little to edit a church bulletin or craft a brilliant sermon, but the church and the people of God were foremost on my mind. I began the day with a meeting in Barre (next… Continue reading Pastors only work on Sundays, right?

I’m not ready to *not* make nice…

Howdy, y'all, from down here in Nashville! I'm attending the United Methodist Association of Communicators' Annual Meeting (about which I will say more later), where this blog, that's right, this very one, has been awarded Best in Class for non-fiction in the local church category. No pressure there. So, on to being relevant. Today, my… Continue reading I’m not ready to *not* make nice…

Sometimes God speaks by slapping you upside the head.

When I wrote earlier about hearing the call to ministry, a few people asked about the specific moment itself. I tend not to talk about it too much, not only because people look at you funny if you say you hear voices in your head, but because sometimes it's discouraging to people who don't have… Continue reading Sometimes God speaks by slapping you upside the head.

I have, like, the best job ever.

I really do enjoy my job. It amazes me sometimes. Sure, it's difficult, and draining and chellenging some days. Sure, there are times when it seems like many of my days are filled with finding (and losing) paperwork, looking for prayers to go with a particular theme, and attending marathon meetings. But around that stuff,… Continue reading I have, like, the best job ever.