Letter to the Editor– Associated Press

An article appeared yesterday in the Associated Press with a headline that I felt was way off. Here is my letter to the editor of the AP. Dear Editor, I am writing to express my disappointment and anger over a very poorly worded headline "Was Fla. shooter a vigilante or good neighbor?" article by Mike… Continue reading Letter to the Editor– Associated Press

Diary of a Delegate: Abortion and the language of abuse

The following conversation will be very blunt, and may not be for the faint of heart. Persons having experienced pregnancy loss may want to skip this one. Being on the Church and Society 2 Committee for General Conference means that, in addition to reading and talking about homosexuality a lot, I also have the privilege… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Abortion and the language of abuse

On Veteran’s Day

Yesterday afternoon, a 35-year-old veteran died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the middle of the Occupy Burlington encampment in City Park (read/view the stories from the local news and the AP). While many have been quick to rush to judgements and political statements about the occupy movement, my colleague Mark reminds us not to… Continue reading On Veteran’s Day

Of darkness and discourse, culpability and connection

I try to refrain from being overtly political on my blog, but politics and theology (and ministry especially) are intimately linked, and the attempted murder of a Congresswoman, by definition, is a political issue. These are my rough thoughts following the massacre in Arizona, which took the lives of six people, and wounded 12 more,… Continue reading Of darkness and discourse, culpability and connection

“Words Matter” guest blog post by Rev. Bri Desotell

This sermon, "Words Matter," was preached in observation of Children's Sabbath on 10/10/10 by the Reverend Bri Desotell, United Methodist pastor in Oscoda, Michigan. It is reprinted here with permission. Words Matter This is not the sermon I intended to preach today. You can ask my husband: this week, we’ve talked about this passage from… Continue reading “Words Matter” guest blog post by Rev. Bri Desotell