Sermon: The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary

"The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary" (December 16, 2012) In the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown, CT, what does it mean to hear again Mary's song of hope and thanksgiving in the face of King Herod's murderous jealousy? Are we bold enough to sing songs of praise with her? (Luke 1:46-55, Matthew 2:16-18)… Continue reading Sermon: The Songs of Herod, Rachael, and Mary

Sermon: Dwelling in Darkness

"Dwelling in Darkness" (December 2, 2012) Before we rush to celebrate the light that is coming into the world, we pause to first take sock of the darkness in ourselves and in the world around us. The powerful stories of the Advent and Christmas season are not always easy to hear, and for those of… Continue reading Sermon: Dwelling in Darkness

Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened

Earlier this week I tweeted: just because it's expected doesn't make it hurt any less. We-- whoever "we" are-- did not expect to win any ground on the church's position about homosexuality this quadrennium. But I'm a believer in the resurrection promise. That sometimes means that I every so often and ever so naively hold… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Yeah, so that happened

Diary of a Delegate: Day Three – Tears

Yes, I know. Technically, I could subtitle any day at General Conference, or anywhere else for that matter, with that word. I'm a crier. It's me. But Thursday there were more tears than usual. I'll give a shout out to Adam Hamilton, who after a lot of critique of the proposal he helped present, agreed… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Day Three – Tears

Diary of a Delegate: Day Two – bad roller coaster

Wednesday was a day of highs and lows, which will probably be a theme for General Conference in, um, general. We began the day with three main addresses, one each from the episcopacy (the Council of Bishops), the laity, and the young people of the church. New England Conference’s Bishop, Pete Weaver, began the day… Continue reading Diary of a Delegate: Day Two – bad roller coaster

Sermon: Point of Choice

"Point of Choice" (Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012) The choice with which Jesus presents us, laid bare before us on Palm Sunday, is a choice between orienting our lives around violence, power, hatred, and pain, or orienting them around Love. Which do you choose? (Mark 11:1-11) --- This sermon is another response to the Melissa… Continue reading Sermon: Point of Choice

Spirituality that speaks to the rest of us

I have bad days. Bad weeks, even. Last week was one such example. I was feeling like "church" was an old, dead concept (I still think this, at least in the way most of us think about church), and that progressives/liberals like myself would have no space whatsoever in the spiritual culture of the future--… Continue reading Spirituality that speaks to the rest of us

The Problem of Evil

The community where I grew up, affectionately known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, is reeling this morning. 33-year old Melissa Jenkins, a single mom and a high school physics teacher and basketball coach, disappeared Sunday night. Her car was found late in the evening, pulled alongside the road near her house, running, with her… Continue reading The Problem of Evil