Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Related to my previous post about blogging, there is something to be said for Facebook, where I'm a relative newbie, but the idea is growing on me (and not just because of the Text Twist either!). It's strength is the sheer momentum of numbers. Everyone and their grandmother is there. Well, my kid's grandmothers are… Continue reading Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Why I Blog

I was asked by a friend recently how I found the time to write so much on the internet. While there are lots of good reasons to blog, the truth is I do so for--initially--selfish reasons. I love it. It keeps me sane. It helps me think. It keeps me connected to my friends and… Continue reading Why I Blog

Well that… stunk – Troy AC blogpost 3

My eyes are puffy. I think I need some ice. Yesterday (Friday) was really tough. We spent way too long on pretty straightforward legislation. By the time we got around to the discussion of the boundaries and the vote about whether or not our conference would stay as one body or divide along state lines… Continue reading Well that… stunk – Troy AC blogpost 3