Woking Vacation

This weekend, I got out of town and back to my roots in Vermont, as I gathered with my extended family to scrape, power-wash, stain, and trim my mom's house (and garage!). My family normally gathers for Memorial Day weekend, which used to be the weekend of the dance recital for my sister and I.… Continue reading Woking Vacation

Birthdays all Around

The church and I shared a birthday this Sunday, and what a celebration it was. The sermon, "Variety Show" is uploaded in my sermon archive. I struggled quite a bit with this service, because I really like to make Pentecost special. Unlike Christmas and Easter, there are no traditions, no expectations, and in many ways… Continue reading Birthdays all Around

A Very Happy Easter

Despite my complaints at the time, I actually do think I like Easter better than Christmas. At least, I definitely liked this year's Easter better than the most recent Christmas. You will, of course, remember that Christmas 2007 was less than stellar. You may also remember that I have been thinking about Easter and ways… Continue reading A Very Happy Easter

New Models in Church Leadership

A total note to self for my next appointment. I had a great meeting with the Lay Leadership Team today to reorganize and brainstorm. I was very underprepared and not especially optimistic. As usual, the outcome was not what I expected. Maybe that means it's not all about me... In the fall, I suggested that… Continue reading New Models in Church Leadership

I Have a Dream. Again.

As I've said before, I feel most passionate about my ministry when I'm building something. Whether it's a worship idea or a bible study or a small group ministry or a new church start, I'm not about maintaining what is but about building anew. My church is one of five in town involved in an… Continue reading I Have a Dream. Again.


Sunday's worship service was my first large-scale experiment with experiential/emerging worship with my congregation. The worship design I described earlier went really well--I'll have to upload a picture of my caution-taped altar--and the sermon (as always, available at my google archive ) went exceptionally well, despite my being three sheets to the wind on Dayquil… Continue reading Transfiguration

A Church on the Brink

If you aren't related to me by blood, and/or didn't know me at the time, this week's sermon tells the story of my call to ordained ministry. If that sort of thing interests you, it's available at my semi-permanent archive-in-progress here. This was one of those weeks where I could feel it; this church is… Continue reading A Church on the Brink