I have, like, the best job ever.

I really do enjoy my job. It amazes me sometimes. Sure, it's difficult, and draining and chellenging some days. Sure, there are times when it seems like many of my days are filled with finding (and losing) paperwork, looking for prayers to go with a particular theme, and attending marathon meetings. But around that stuff,… Continue reading I have, like, the best job ever.

Day Off

Mondays are my sabbath days, but that doesn't necessarily mean a day of rest. Sometimes, what really rejuvenates me is getting to do projects I love or to dream about ministry (and maybe even do a little of it, which I don't consider cheating) without being 'on the clock.' So for example, today, on my… Continue reading Day Off

Sermon: Fools and Fools for God

"Fools and Fools for God" (July 12, 2009) David goes all out, dancing his heart out for God. Some thought he looked a little foolish, perhaps, but Paul reminds us that God uses that which is foolish to accomplish divine purposes. Are we ready to go all out, to live our faith out loud without… Continue reading Sermon: Fools and Fools for God

When life gives you lemons…

... make a giving program out of lemonade! Stewardship Moment: "Be Peculiar" I needed to share some information with one of my congregations about some strange letters we'd received, and not make it too scary, and also take an opportunity to teach about tithing and challenge folks to greater giving in a fun way, so… Continue reading When life gives you lemons…

Maybe this means the powers that be are listening!

As I posted earlier, the news that the work on a new United Methodist Hymnal has been postponed generated many ideas about what might spring up in the meantime, including a couple of great discussions over on the facebook group for the new hymnal. This morning, Dean McIntyre from the General Board of Discipleship emailed… Continue reading Maybe this means the powers that be are listening!

To Press

While I'm (laptopless) in Florida, I leave you with a couple of things I've recently published. Ministry in the age of online networking (article for my Annual Conference's website) "The Birthing of a Mother-God" (essay for "Mama Says" a local publication for mothers, in their edition on mathoerhood and spirituality, re-work of an earlier blog… Continue reading To Press