Legacy and Tribute

It's not even my first Sunday yet, and I've already made my first hospital visit in the Central Vermont area. Last night I met Bob L., a retired pastor and, before that, a lifelong member of Trinity United Methodist Church in Montpelier. Bob taught language arts for twenty-five years and then was a pastor for… Continue reading Legacy and Tribute


from the previous post: I have to say that I know a few colleagues who pack themselves, who have very few people to help them in saying goodbye and hello. I may have just transferred the world’s smallest balance from one bank to another, but I tell you, I think I am the richest woman… Continue reading Credits

I did not have pastoral relations with that woman!

I know, I sound a little... Clintonian here, but I have a question about the meaning of pastoral contact. You see, according to our guidelines for appointment, clergy covenant, and countless other documents, After the change of appointment, the outgoing pastor will not have pastoral contact with any member of the congregation without the invitation… Continue reading I did not have pastoral relations with that woman!

Announcements, anouncements

Having (tearfully) made the announcement in church this morning, I can now tell all of you that it is the intention of Bishop Hassinger and the Cabinet of Troy Conference to appoint me to Trinity United Methodist Church in Montpelier and Grace United Methodist Church in Plainfield, Vermont, effective September 1. Clearly, there were a… Continue reading Announcements, anouncements

The importance of self (and family)- care

As of the conclusion of yesterday's church service, (and its sermon, "God's Team"), I am on vacation for one week. So far, I've had to resist 1. getting involved in the church's desperate efforts to put together a Memorial Day float, 2. overseeing the construction of the church memorial garden, the design of which has… Continue reading The importance of self (and family)- care