Surprised by Stewardship

I had what I thought was a relatively disappointing Stewardship Sunday this past week. We had decided to do the 18th because we thought people would be away on Veteran's Day weekend. Last week there were 74 people in church; this Sunday, there were 51. Well, bugger. I'd worked hard on my sermon and thought… Continue reading Surprised by Stewardship

Spiritual Darkness

I recently read this article on Time Online: Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith, by David Van Biema. It's a long article, and a heartbreaking one, but well worth the read. To very briefly summarize, a collection of private correspondence (which she'd wanted destroyed and I half-wish they had listened, but am half-glad they didn't) reveals… Continue reading Spiritual Darkness

Book Reviw: Lamb

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore. Why everyone in the world should read this book: This book accomplishes something that not many authors/filmmakers attempt: an actual characterization of Jesus as, you know, a *character.* This was one of my top complaints about "The Passion" (and that's saying something, because… Continue reading Book Reviw: Lamb