Things that don’t help

For the record, when it comes to massive disasters, it does not help to blame the victims or to insist that this so-called "act of God" (why in the world would we call disasters that?!?) is somehow justified. I'm disgusted by and feel sorry for individuals whose understandings of God are so limited that they… Continue reading Things that don’t help

Praying for the President

(a bit belated, with apology, but I was asked for a response) I prayed for George W. Bush. Now, most of you know that I have never been a big fan of the man. I think he was not a good leader, he made horrific blunders that cost thousands of lives, and his policies did… Continue reading Praying for the President

That Old Time Religion Ain’t Conservative Enough

So my friends lists on Facebook, and on my blogroll, and even on my television (good Lord, do I love Rachel Maddow) are all talking about the same thing this week. The Conservative Bible Project. Like Rachel Maddow, like many of my friends when we first emailed this around, I was convinced this had to… Continue reading That Old Time Religion Ain’t Conservative Enough