Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have”

"Measuring what we don't have" (July 26, 2009) Like the people of Israel, wandering in the desert, like the disciples of Jesus, trying to feed a multitude with a handful of bread and a couple fish, we are slow to believe that God's abundance will be enough for us. We live instead in a mindset… Continue reading Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have”

All means, well, All.

Up for debate in United Methodist Conferences around the world this month: who can decide which people are allowed membership in a local United Methodist Church. The ammendment to the UMC's Constitution, which passed General Conference in 2008 and now must pass 2/3 of all Conferences by a 2/3 vote stipulates that no one can… Continue reading All means, well, All.

Parting thoughts

I'm off to Troy Annual Conference, where I'm sure I'll spend plenty of time blogging, tweeting, updating facebook status, and oh yeah doing exciting things like legislation and preaching to a huge audience and getting ordained. I love conference. But before I go, this happy thought from tonight's Finance Committee portion of our Church Council/Finance… Continue reading Parting thoughts

New Models in Church Leadership

A total note to self for my next appointment. I had a great meeting with the Lay Leadership Team today to reorganize and brainstorm. I was very underprepared and not especially optimistic. As usual, the outcome was not what I expected. Maybe that means it's not all about me... In the fall, I suggested that… Continue reading New Models in Church Leadership

I Have a Dream. Again.

As I've said before, I feel most passionate about my ministry when I'm building something. Whether it's a worship idea or a bible study or a small group ministry or a new church start, I'm not about maintaining what is but about building anew. My church is one of five in town involved in an… Continue reading I Have a Dream. Again.

A Church on the Brink

If you aren't related to me by blood, and/or didn't know me at the time, this week's sermon tells the story of my call to ordained ministry. If that sort of thing interests you, it's available at my semi-permanent archive-in-progress here. This was one of those weeks where I could feel it; this church is… Continue reading A Church on the Brink